About The Big Girl

I’ve decided to get in shape and start running.  The thing is I need encouragement.  See, I’m a big girl.  And I just happened to share on my other blog that I wanted to run a half marathon in Nashville before I turned 32.  I honestly think I might have had a few drinks when I made that list.  After all, I was celebrating my birthday.

But as you can imagine, being a big girl, running and training for a half marathon in six months is no easy task.

But let me explain a little why I am where I am.  In November of 2001 my 3 1/2 month-old nephew died of SIDS.  That is a day that I will never forget, not only for the obvious reasons, but for the fact that everything in my life changed after that one moment.

One of the bigger (pun intended) obstacles that I’ve been trying to overcome for the last 10 years is the fact that after my nephew’s death, I put on 120 pounds.  I’ve had periods where I’ve lost a few pounds here and there and have become healthier and then something happened and life has gotten in the way of the time it takes to prepare food and meals in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

No more excuses.

Here’s the plan.  The Nashville Music City Marathon is April 28, 2012.  That leaves me just over six months to train and get ready for it.  I’ve enlisted the help of the lovely and talented Bridget Ahlfield who is a local CrossFit trainer to make sure I get to that goal.

My ultimate goal is to pursue and live a healthy lifestyle.  The goal of this blog is to run the Music City Half Marathon.  Maybe after I’ve done that I’ll find another goal.  Maybe the site will be deleted.  Either way, I’m planning on having some fun with this!

Also, if you’d like to join up and train and meet me there in April, I’d love to have you on my team!  I’m planning on raising support to run for different ministries the world over.  If you have any ideas, just let me know.

Let’s do this thing!