What’s Your Story?


We’ve got these decisions that we have to make. Every decision, whether we want to believe it or not, is related to the last. Every future decision is based on past experiences. We can’t make a decision, we can’t write our own story without knowing where we’ve come from.
Whether you know it or not, you’re writing the story of your life. There are no inconsequential decisions. You can either choose to live a mundane story, or you can choose to live an exciting adventure. You can choose to be wrapped up in your own story, or you can play a part in other’s stories.

It’s your story.

Live it the best way you know how.

My favorite stories? The comeback stories. The underdogs. Hoosiers. Remember The Titans. Miracle. I love these stories.
Conflict has to be overcome to tell a good story. No one wants to watch a movie about a person who wins everything. We want to see the struggle, whether it’s internal or external.

Because we relate to the struggle.

Living a better and healthier life is part of my story. It’s part of my struggle. And by choosing to write a blog about it, I’m asking you to play a part in my story.

So thanks for being here. Today I’m just grateful you stopped by. I’m thankful you’re reading this, and I’m thankful that we’re friends, even if we haven’t met yet. Guess I’m just feeling a littleĀ nostalgic.

Maybe I’m thinking about how Luke and Bridget Ahlfield rocked it out in the North Central Regionals this past weekend fighting for a spot to go to the CrossFit Games. Seriously, if you see them, tell them how awesome they are. I’m so proud of my friends. They’re working for a great story. And I think they’re doing a pretty darn good job of it.

How are you working for a better story in your life?