Back In The Swing Of Things

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I’ve relaxed since the half marathon.  I’ve relaxed the way I train…meaning I haven’t done too much running on my off days.  I’ve relaxed in the way I eat, meaning I haven’t really cared what has gone into my body.

I’ve used the excuse that there is something a little off with my left foot.  Which there is, but that’s no excuse not to eat well.  So I’m back.  Today marks no cheat days till my birthday.  It may sound like a big deal, but that’s just a couple of weeks away.  But this means I’ll have to go through detox all over again, which I’m not really looking forward to, but it’s worth it.

I swear when I don’t eat right, I can tell it in my training.  It’s the craziest thing.  I stay sore longer when I’m not eating well.  My body is too busy fighting off the poisons I’m putting in my body to take care of itself.

So I stay sore.

And I’ve realized that without a goal to work towards, I don’t do well.  So I’m working on that.  Of course, I have a size of clothing I’d like to be in at the end of the journey, but I need small victories along the way.  It’s just the way I’m wired.

So I’m taking suggestions.

I’ll consider your suggestion and go forward from there.  If one looks more fun than another, of course I’m going to pick the fun one.  So don’t suggest anything crazy like a full marathon.  This chick can’t handle that.  But I am open to other suggestions!

So throw them out there!

What do you think I should be working towards?

  • Andrea Ward

    Make a video of you doing CrossFit, like the ‘professional’ CrossFit people.  So you have to work hard at your work outs to do it right, so you can make a video.

    • Julie Shreve

      Very interesting.  I have a video camera.  I need to make sure it’s a workout I can do well…lol

  • Herschel French

    Heres some of my goals.  Feel free to steal from them.
    -not have to shop at the big and tall store anymore
    -sub 38 waist size
    -sub 2x shirt size
    -sub 12:30 mile and half run
    -plus 10 unassisted pullups
    -trip to the west for reaching 200 lbs
    -trip to europe for hitting goal weight(years away)

    these arent all my goals, but just some ideas to get your mind rolling.

    • Julie Shreve

      I like all of those goals.  Ireland is my goal weight trip.  I’ve been working for under a 10:00 minute mile since the beginning, but I’m not much closer than I was before I started.  Also, I need to get my first pullup, so I think 10 would be fantastic.  Good list, Hersch.

  • Kera Vinson

    Julie, I am so VERY proud of you! I have really hit my ZIJA hard and heavy lately…..praying and hoping it begins to work before Christmas! I have been playing tennis with Vanessa almost every evening for around an hour. I seem to need to be doing some running/ walking, as well……but reading your blog/posts encourages me to begin each day with a NEW mind! Thanks for setting such a GREAT example for others!!!

    • Julie Shreve

      You’re so awesome, Kera!  Keep moving!  Tennis is one of my favorite workouts, although I haven’t played in a while.  Keep it up, Sister!

  • Cathysnyder80

    I have been doing a few things.
    1. I have an overall key goal that I have posted on a dry erase board and I mark down my weight loss. It really helps me stay motivated when I can see how far I have come.
    2. I set smaller goals each month.
    3. Every time I don’t want to work out, I think about being a healthy mom for our future child(ren). So, use being a healthy aunt, friend, daughter, etc…

    • Julie Shreve

      Good list.  I love smaller goals to work towards.  Also, you’re awesome.

  • Book Kathy

    Here’s my theory:  I don’t do Crossfit just so I can do more Crossfit.  I do Crossfit so I can do anything I want to do.  How about something not totally training-related but physically active.  Hike a part of the Appalachain Trail, go rock climbing, go white water rafting, learn to surf or waterski or snow ski ….Do something that a physically fit person like you just does for fun, but the old Julie wouldn’t/couldn’t do.  I know you’ll think of something wonderful!

    • Julie Shreve

      A hike along the Incan Trail to Machu Piccu is in the plan, but those trips are pretty expensive, so I’ve got some saving up to do!  Also, I’m not in good enough shape yet from what I’ve heard and read.  I like that plan, though!  I’m too much of a chicken to go whitewater rafting unfortunately.  

      • Book Kathy

        Julie, one of the reasons I went rafting last weekend with my daughters is because I was just a little bit afraid of doing it.  Like I always tell Kate,  being a little afraid and doing it anyway is what it means to be BRAVE.  I know you are brave.

        So, even if you mark rafting off the list, I still think a multi-day backpacking trip is a good goal, and I think you could round up some friends to go along with you.  You’ll need all the strength and endurance you are building up.   After that, it looks like maybe you are heading the direction of a Crossfit competition!  Now there’s a great goal for you!