Make It Hurt So Good

I woke up yesterday morning well aware of where my arms were.  Yes.  I know where my arms are on my body.  Yes.  I realize that was kind of a ridiculous statement.  But this morning it was like they were screaming at me.  Hey, you idiot.  What did you do to me last night?

I’ll tell you what I did.

I went to bootcamp.

And at bootcamp we carried around weighted bars while doing wall squats, running in place, doing sit-ups, bicep curls, etc.  Also, it wasn’t just my arms that were screaming at me.  It was my lower back that was a little sore and my butt.  As the day went on the soreness set in a little more. I started noticing a few more aches the closer I got to my Crossfit workout last night.

Part of me wonders why I keep doing this.  I keep going to work out and then the next morning I keep waking up to stiff and sometimes sore muscles. The other part of me, the obviously smarter part of me, realizes that it’s only when I’m feeling the discomfort that I’m actually getting something accomplished.

Maybe it’s just me, but the things that I have to work really hard for and the things that I still have scars from, whether they’re emotional or physical, are some of the times where I’ve learned the most.

So I keep going to the gym.

And I keep waking up a little sore.

And my waistline keeps shrinking.

And I learn that I can totally do this.  And when I say I can totally do this, I’m also meaning this video below.  Because I did seven of these things as part of our workout last night.  Not 7 in a row, but I completed 7.  And the last two I didn’t drop down to my knees.  I’ve never been able to do anything like this in my life.  I was pretty darn excited.

So even though some days it hurts more than others to raise my arms to wash my hair, and even though some days I can hardly go to sit down without wincing, I keep going.  The more I go, the stronger I feel.  Both mentally and physically.  I get things done.  I’m more motivated.

An object in motion stays in motion…or something like that. (science wasn’t my strong subject)

Anyway, if you’re just sitting around, you’re going to keep sitting around.  If you start moving, it gets harder and harder to stop.  I’m afraid to miss.  I don’t want to rest too long for fear that my desire to rest will again take over my desire to move.

So, yes.  that’s me in the purple on the gym’s new rowing machines.  It’s blurry because I’m moving so fast.  I love these things.  Such a great workout.

So what are your first thoughts when you wake up the next couple mornings after a good workout?



  • Amy Book

    this morning my thought was – I don’t hurt nearly as much as I thought I would.  As the day has gone on and I sat at my desk it was harder and harder to get up every time. 

    “I don’t want to rest too long for fear that my desire to rest will again take over my desire to move.” <– love this.  It's so tempting for me to reward myself for my great workout with lots of rest.  We must keep moving, eh??

    • Julie Shreve

      Just wait for the two-day delay.  I never feel really bad (with the exception of this week) until about two days after my last workout.

      There’s a difference between resting for long periods of time and resting well.  Knowing how to rest well is key.  I think I’m going to do a post about that soon.  Thanks for the idea, Amy!